Lost, injured and out of luck? Nothing should stop your next adventure. Everything you need to know about World Nomads travel insurance:

The US Travel Insurance Association reports that only 30% of travelers sign up for travel insurance before going on an international trip. While many may never have to put their insurance into action, you’ll be counting your lucky stars if you ever do.

However, with so many options available for travelers, it’s difficult to understand what’s a good deal and whether you’ll be fully covered in the case of an emergency. Do you choose your bank’s insurance, the insurance retail store down the road or browse millions of options online?


For Trip Guru travelers, we recommend World Nomads – the best travel insurance for international travelers who want to be covered no matter where or what you’re doing. Not to mention, they can help you save a pretty penny.

world nomads travel insurance

What does World Nomads offer?

Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense
Break a finger, graze a knee or get food poisoning – Any medical treatment you may need is covered up to US$100,000. This also includes dental up to US$750.

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
You’re able to claim an emergency evacuation if you have an accidental injury or fall ill, which could be a helicopter rescue from a remote mountain or speed boat rescue from a cruise.

Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation
This covers transportation costs if there’s political or civil unrest in a country where you’re travelling. A good example is Thailand’s political crisis throughout 2013-2014. 

Trip Cancellation
This provides you with a full refund for travel plans made if any unexpected change in circumstances, from an accidental injury to familial emergency occur before departure.

Trip Interruption
Similar conditions apply as under trip cancellation. But don’t forget this comes with benefit of covering accommodation expenses!

Baggage and Personal Belongings
Compensation for lost or damaged personal items is the second most important part of travel insurance and World Nomads covers up to US$500 per item under their Standard Plan and up to US$1500 under the Explorer Plan. Only downside is that you only claim up to US$3000 total for personal belongings.

Collision Damage Waiver
This is exclusive to the Explorer Plan, but this has a great benefit for travelers who plan on renting a car or any motor vehicle while traveling. Any accident occurring while on the road is covered up to US$35,000.

24-Hour Assistance by phone
Here’s where World Nomads can come in really handy. Their 24-hour assistance can help you to locate local physicians, dentists and other medical facilities while on the road – Just remember to keep their number in your contacts.

Adventure Sports and Activities
For an adventurer on a Trip Guru experience this is what makes World Nomads ideal. They’ve gone all out and listed every imaginable activity you can do on a Trip Guru experience. They’re packages cover their basic list (which is already extensive) and have customisable options for even more bizarre activities – all with their own specific policy to keep you covered.

Adventure sports and activities

Can you modify/add insurance once on the road?
This is another great reason why travelers on Trip Guru experiences should choose World Nomads. Say you make friends with other travelers while seeing the elephants at the jungle sanctuary in Chang Mai and they invite you to explore the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, you can easily and immediately update your travel insurance online while already traveling – no matter where you want to go, you’re always covered.

Basic Plan vs Explorer Plan: Pros and Cons
The only Con for World Nomads is that for those who travel with the latest camera and other expensive equipment the US$1000 reimbursement limit provided by the Standard Plan might be too low. Therefore, if you’re traveling with your prized possessions, you’ll want to go with the Explorer Plan.

Quick list of Pros:

  • The most important part about travel insurance is the medical coverage and both the Standard Plan and the Explorer Plan cover the full US$100,000.
  • Additionally, World Nomads currently cover over 160 different nations, including all of Trip Guru’s 16 destinations.
  • Order, change, extend travel insurance on the go while travelling at no extra charge.

Cost of Insurance with World Nomads?
As quote prices change due to many different factors, I created a fictional traveler who is planning to travel to Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam over 20 days. This traveller is 27 years old, is from the United States and a permanent resident in Oregon.

world nomads insurance quote example

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