Wondering where to stay in Perth? If you’re vacationing to Western Australia’s capital and are are looking for a place to stay, have a browse through our quick guide down under!

What have we got in here? Aside from the usual hotels in Perth Australia, we’ve also covered boutique hotels, apartments, hostels, motels, and even caravan parks.

Oh, and if you were wondering what the slang was all about, here are some definitions to get you by:

  • Donga: Rough accommodation and more recently, a general term for sleeping quarters
  • Weather board: Wooden house
  • Sleepout: An area of the house that was once open but has now been enclosed to form a new room
  • Flophouse: Very cheap accommodation

And you’re all set!

Melbourne Hotel Perth
Melbourne Hotel Perth (c) Melbourne Hotel Perth

Feeling a bit spendy? Go for a hotel.

  • Miss Maud: Known for its Scandinavian theme, this kitschy hotel has big yet dainty rooms with themed decoration (think alpine murals and The Sound of Music).
  • Melbourne Hotel Perth: One of the older Perth hotels, this place was actually built during the gold-rush era and keeps many of its original designs.
  • Pensione Hotel: This 98-room boutique hotel has cozy and classy interiors, with an excellent location. While the rooms are quite compact, the central city location more than makes up for it.
  • Duxton Hotel Perth: Considered one of the best hotels in Perth, this boutique hotel is situated in the heart of the city, just walking distance from the shops, restaurants, and entertainment district.
  • Salutation Hotel Perth: Managed by one of the oldest historic hotels in Scotland, this place boasts traditional hospitality with modern comfort.
  • Northbridge Hotel: Originally built in 1898, this hotel was established during the boom of the gold fever, and is now a four-star accommodation facility that locals and tourists enjoy.
Nesuto Mounts Bay
Nesuto Mounts Bay (c) Agoda

Staying a while? Check out these apartments.

  • Riverview on Mount Street: Mount Street has a lot of competition in terms of hotels, but Riverview stands out with its 1960s personality. With sunny and simple rooms, complete with river views, a modern foyer, and chill cafe, this place’s amenities and designs speak for itself.
  • Adina Apartment Hotel Perth Barrack Plaza: Minimalist yet meticulously decorated, this place has spacious bedrooms with balconies that give off a welcoming vibe.
  • Mantra on Hay: If you’re looking to stay awhile, this place has complete amenities including a washing machine, dishwasher, and all the utensils you’ll need.
  • Nesuto Mounts Bay: This giant apartment complex has 440 units, with approximately 165 units available for short-term lease. While it may not be right smack in the city center, its location is still within the city and ideal for tourists who want to explore the area.
Perth City YHA
Perth City YHA (c) Perth City YHA

On a budget? Consider these interesting options.

  • Comfort Hotel Perth City: This place is known for two things: friendly staff and a delicious breakfast spread. The rooms are your typical hotel rooms, but large enough to make the price worth it. This is a good option when it comes to comfortable yet “cheap” accommodation in Perth.
  • Travelodge Perth: Simple, well-kept rooms with a view. With occasional deals, this hotel is more than good enough in a high-priced city like Perth.
  • Perth City YHA: Occupying an impressive 1940s art-deco building by the train tracks, this place has clean rooms and excellent facilities, including a gym. With its central location, it was made popular by the FIFO (‘fly-in, fly-out’) mine workers, but is always open to tourists too.
  • City Waters: One of the last motels in Perth, this old-fashioned place has small and simple rooms that are clean and airy, with gorgeous views of the waterfront.
  • Perth Central Caravan Park: Located between the airport and the city, this place has powered sites for caravans or tents, luxury glamping tents, cabins, a pool, and other facilities. Family and dog-friendly, this fun campsite is also just a three-minute walk from the Swan River.

So which of these Perth accommodations are you going to book? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. If you’re looking for some restaurants to check out too, read our guide on the 15 Perth Restaurants and Bars to Get a Taste of the City.

Featured Image: Kiara King x Aloft Hotel



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