August is almost upon us, and you’re scrambling for a last-minute vacay. Did I about get that right?! Although the Asian region is typically tormented by monsoon season this time of year, there are few exceptions to the rule making a trip east worth your while. Go on and read through these 12 destinations for your August vacation!

We’ve also popped in a couple of options in the US Pacific and Middle East – stretching the concepts of “Asia” and “Pacific” – as the honorary 10+2 getaways on the outer edges of the region. Ready for your next adventure? Let’s go!

2019 Summer Vacation

1. Bali, Indonesia

Why go: “Bali’s weather in the month of August sees the driest period on the island throughout the whole year.”

This place never gets old! With a wide variety of things to do – everything from surfing and diving to temple-hopping and yoga – Bali is a haven for all types of travelers. The excellent and diverse food scene is also a definite plus!

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2019 Summer Vacation

2. Tokyo, Japan

Why go: “August is the funnest and most exciting month of the year! While still relatively hot, the rain goes away and puts Tokyo in a festive mood once again.”

If you want to experience the many summer festivals in Tokyo, then August is the perfect time to visit. You’ll be treated to numerous fireworks displays and traditional dances. The weather warm, making it the perfect time to visit the beaches around the city. It’s also the perfect time to explore Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, and visit the surrounding regions of Hakone and Lake Ashi.

2019 Summer Vacation

3. Koh Samui, Thailand

Why go: “The best weather conditions are in August, with little rain and the sun shining for most of the day.”

Speaking of beaches, you can also opt to go to this popular Thai island! Visit the amazing national marine park, explore the many temples around the area, go on a jungle safari, stroll through the night markets, take a dip in the waterfalls – the choices are endless.

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2019 Summer Vacation

4. Cairns, Australia

Why go: “With temperatures of 25-31℃ throughout the year, Cairns is always good for beaches, though it is best from June to October when it’s the driest.”

Known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is one UNESCO World Heritage site you can actually snorkel in! The surrounding areas around the city provide scenic views, like the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation, the Atherton Tablelands, and the Pinnacles Desert.

2019 Summer Vacation

5. Singapore, Singapore

Why go: Maximize the dry weather at the end of summer season, slightly cooler than the two preceding months!

Don’t underestimate this tiny city. With many gorgeous and open public spaces, you can practically enjoy your time in the Lion City by just walking around and enjoying the views. the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay are just a few of your choices. You can also go for a cooking class or pub crawl too!

2019 Summer Vacation

6. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Why go: While tropical weather makes this city popular all-year round, the best time to visit the beaches are during the dry seasons of August and September.

Another popular diving spot is this not-as-popular gem hidden in Malaysia. August is the prime time to go, with the weather warm and sunny all day long. While snorkeling and diving are some of the most sought-after activities, you can also visit the Mari Mari Cultural Village and the Kinabalu National Park for a change of pace.

2019 Summer Vacation

7. Seoul, South Korea

Why go: Summer season music festivals!

The tail-end of summer, August is a pretty good time to visit Seoul – the weather being not too hot nor too cold. If you’re a music fan (hello K-poppers!), there are plenty of amazing music festivals around this time as well. You can also visit Nami Island, Bukhansan National Park, or stay within the city and go palace hopping.

2019 Summer Vacation

8. Istanbul, Turkey

Why go: “The summer months from June to August make it the ideal time for cruises. August is also at the tail end of summer, with the weather not as hot and humid as the first few months.”

If you’d rather skip on the beaches and focus on culture, then Istanbul is the perfect city for you. With palaces, grand bazaars and museums, history buffs will also love the cultural shows, a cruise down the Bosphorus Strait, and a private city walking tour of Istanbul’s iconic architectural wonders.

2019 Summer Vacation

9. Taipei, Taiwan

Why go: The hot humid summers (June-August) of Taipei typically make it low season, perfect for budget travelers who want to score deals and discounts.

If Istanbul is for the history buffs, then Taipei is for the foodies. That’s not to say that this city doesn’t have its own fair share of history too! Go on a Taiwanese street food tour to satisfy your cravings, or on a walking tour of Jiufen, an old quaint city. You can also visit the Pinglin Tea Plantation and the Thousand Island Lake for some Instagrammable shots!

2019 Summer Vacation

10. Kauai, Hawaii

Why go: “When you put it all together and consider the weather, crowds, demand, and prices, we think the ideal months to visit are April, May, August, September, and early October.”

Also known as the “Garden Island”, this popular Hawaiian isle is the perfect adventure spot. Because of its lush greenery and teeming rainforests and jungles, Kauai is known more for thrilling and adventurous activities like zip lining and hiking. Many of the surrounding canyons and ravines remain untouched, making them beautiful places to put on your go-to list. The 3,000 foot deep Waimea Canyon is an excellent example.

2019 Summer Vacation

11. Beijing, China

Why go: Late August sees summer temperatures start to wane. Beijing’s pollution level is also at an all-time low this month, so you’ll be able to see clear blue skies.

If you haven’t seen a wonder of the world yet, then next month might be the perfect time to. Most famously known for The Great Wall of China, Beijing also has numerous temples, palaces, and parks to explore. Not to mention delicious food you can eat in the many restaurants, eateries, and street markets around the city.

2019 Summer Vacation

12. Nadi, Fiji

Why go: “The months between July and September constitute high season in Fiji. The sun shines bright, warming the islands to daily temps that range from the mid-60s to the mid-80s (Fahrenheit).”

Nadi is another spot for adventurers! Choose from the likes of quad biking, zip lining, and island hopping, as well as culture- and nature-driven ones like the traditional Kava ceremony.

What do you think of this list? Did we miss anything? Which destinations have you chosen or are entertaining? Let us know in the comments below!


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