As one of the most visited cities in the world, Bangkok is an urban playground with something for everyone. Whether you’re in it for the food, the shopping, or unique activities, there’s something for all ages, travel styles and budgets. However, the Bangkok weather forecast can occasionally cast a dampener on even the best-made travel plans. To ensure you get the best out of this exciting city, get in on our Bangkok weather FAQs sesh, where we’ll talk about what the weather in Bangkok feels like and the best time to visit the city.

What is the temperature like in Bangkok?

The temperature in Bangkok varies throughout the year, though you’ll never find it cold. January is the “coolest” – you can expect temperatures to be at around 20°C (68°F), while temperatures can reach 40°C (104°F) throughout the year.

These extreme temperatures usually last from March to May (summer), making these months a very sweaty time to visit the city. During the rest of the year, the temperatures rest in the 30s (Celsius) and 80s-90s (Fahrenheit).

What is the temperature like in Bangkok?

Does Bangkok have a rainy season?

It certainly does. Like many Southeast Asian countries, Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate which becomes noticeable around the end of May. The rains might dampen your sightseeing plans, but you’ll love them for bringing the temperatures down.

The month of June becomes tolerable as the sweltering temperatures start to drop. The rain really sets in by the end of the month, so if you want to steer clear of rain and thunderstorms, avoid July which is notoriously wet and stormy. Expect the rainy season to last throughout the Northern Hemisphere summer.

Does Bangkok have a rainy season?

What is the best time to visit Bangkok?

October weather signals the start of the dry season as the monsoons begin to tail off in Bangkok.

When to go? November weather becomes considerably better and by December, the climate is cool and clear, making it the optimum time to visit. Arrive during this period for blue skies and cool(er) temperatures. But remember to book in advance as the city gets busier, because this is a high season for the city, and usually lasts until February.

“This is high season for the tourist industry, so rooms and flights are at a premium and well worth booking in advance”The Rough Guide to Bangkok

What is the worst time to visit Bangkok?

This really depends. The hottest month is April, so if you can’t stand the sticky humidity paired with scorching sun, maybe give this one a miss.

However, on the up side, April is the month of Songkran – a fun celebration equivalent to Thai New Year. During this festival, people fill up water pistols and soak each other on the streets. It’s a loud, colorful, and wet celebration that should be on your Bangkok bucket list!

What is the worst time to visit Bangkok?

What are the average temperatures for each month?

To be sure of a pleasant trip to the city, let’s run through the temperatures throughout the year. Here is the yearly weather, broken down into the average temperatures of each month:

Bangkok January weather: 26°C (79°F), dry season
Bangkok February weather: 27.5°C (82°F), dry season
Bangkok March weather: 29.1°C (84°F), dry season
Bangkok April weather: 30.2°C (87°F), dry season
Bangkok May weather: 29.7°C (86°F), dry season
Bangkok June weather: 28.9°C (84°F), shoulder season
Bangkok July weather: 28.6°C (83°F), rainy season
Bangkok August weather: 28.3°C (82.5°F), rainy season
Bangkok September weather: 28°C (82°F), rainy season
Bangkok October weather: 27.9°C (82°F), shoulder season
Bangkok November weather: 26.9°C (80°F), dry season
Bangkok December weather: 25.8°C (28°F), dry season

What are the average temperatures for each month?

To summarise, Bangkok can be visited year-round, but the weather may affect your plans. From May to October you can expect the monsoon season, from November to March you can expect blue skies, and in April you can guarantee sweltering temperatures and a vibrant water festival.

Luckily, hotels and hostels around Bangkok are equipped with powerful air conditioning during the summer months. Phew!

Ready for your trip to Bangkok yet? If you need more info, see our comprehensive Bangkok city guide, which has everything from transportation to nightlife. For the full list of Bangkok tours, click here!

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