Thinking of traveling solo? Wondering “Is it weird to travel alone?” It’s not weird at all, and March 1 is the the day to do it!

Why you should travel solo

Over the last few years, solo travel for women has become increasingly popular. With inspiring travel bloggers selling solo travel as a safe and exciting way to see the world and learn more about yourself, it’s only growing in popularity. So what is the benefit of a solo travel experience?

  • There’s no waiting around: Ever planned something with a friend and never got around to going? Waiting on other people can be frustrating especially if they cancel or get cold feet. If you’re only waiting on yourself, you’ll do all the things you want to do!
  • Budget your way: There’s no need to worry about keeping up with friends on a higher or lower budget than you. There’s nothing worse than feeling you can’t afford what your friends can but being too embarrassed to say anything. When you travel solo, you only have to worry about your own finances.
March 1 is play your solo travel day
  • You’ll grow in confidence: When you travel solo, you meet new people every day and end up in situations that challenge you. It’s the best way to learn about yourself and become more organized and self-sufficient.
  • You meet more people: When you stop falling back on your friend or SO, you’ll instantly be more approachable to potential new friends. And here’s an added bonus: Since they’ll be from all over, you’ll have free accommodation all over Planet Earth by the end of your trip!

Best countries for solo travel

While this really depends on you and what you want from your trip, these are our top solo-friendly travel destinations:

  • Thailand: As the ultimate backpack destination, a trip to Thailand is always a winner with first-time travelers. It’s safe, the locals are friendly, and you’ll meet plenty of fellow travelers. There are amazing hostels and tour providers to help you ease into the world of solo travel.
  • Spain: As a developed nation with great infrastructure, transport and accommodation options, Spain is the perfect solo travel destination for first-timers. Plus, the architecture and food are fantastic. Tapas… say no more!
  • Australia: With English as a first language, the land down under is ideal for traveling solo. There are endless cool cities where you’ll meet fellow explorers, plus amazing scenery and nature. They also have a generous ‘working holiday’ visa for young people (up to 30 years old) of eligible nationalities, so check that out!
  • Vietnam: With buses running up and down the coast daily, it couldn’t be easier to travel Vietnam solo. There are plentiful hostels and many cultural and natural sights to explore with fellow travelers.
  • Japan: Widely known as one of the world’s safest countries, Japan has a low crime rate and friendly locals. The cities are captivating and on a whole different level from anything you’ve ever experienced… plus you can befriend deer in Nara. Who needs humans anyway, right?
best countries for solo travel

Tips for planning a solo trip

On the edge of booking a trip but feeling nervous? Let us break it down with some handy solo travel tips:

  • Read a blog. If you don’t know anyone traveling solo IRL, never fear. Find some fellow solo travelers via Instagram or their websites. Not only will they leave you feeling inspired, but they probably have solo travel resources readily available. Check out Alex in Wanderland, Where Goes Rose?Hey Ciara, Dan Flying Solo, Finding Alex and more.
  • Use online groups. They are so many Facebook solo travel groups like Girls Love Travel where you can connect with other travelers, share tips and meet up abroad.
  • Have a back-up plan. We’re sure you’re going to love solo travel but just in case, have some group tours (many offer solo travel friendly packages) pinned in case it’s not for you. Just having another option will make you feel more secure when taking the plunge.
  • Google some solo travel quotes for inspiration! Travel alone quotes also make for great tattoos after your trip!
  • Download solo traveler apps. You can check out this blog for the best apps for solo travelers.
  • Book those flights. Force yourself to pay for something or commit to a plan so you can’t back out!
tips for planning a solo trip

Don’t look back with regret, and go book that solo travel trip you’ve always wanted! Let us know how you get on in the comments.


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