Conducting ethically sustainable tours is an impactful way TripGuru raises awareness, promotes appreciation, and generates support for the conservation of important cultural sites, traditions, and artifacts. By promoting sustainable and respectful tourism practices, TripGuru ensures that cultural heritage is conserved for future generations.

Here are small but impactful ways that the globally trusted tour platform supports cities in terms of preserving their cultural heritages:

1. Collaborate with local communities

TripGuru works closely with local communities to develop tour itineraries that showcase their cultural heritage and traditions. They are involved in decision-making processes and revenue-sharing arrangements to ensure they benefit from tourism activities.

2. Hire and train local guides

Employing local guides knowledgeable about the area’s history and culture enhances the tour experience and provides economic opportunities for the community. TripGuru ensures the guides are trained in sustainable tourism practices and cultural sensitivity.

3. Offer authentic cultural experiences

Tours that allow travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture are one of the top priorities in TripGuru. We arrange visits to local artisans, traditional performances, or cooking classes that showcase the community’s unique heritage.

4. Educate travelers about cultural preservation

During tours, TripGuru tour guides actively share information about the significance of the sites and cultural practices they encounter. They also emphasize respecting local customs, traditions, and historical landmarks to preserve the community’s heritage.

5. Encourage responsible behavior

It is important for TripGuru guides to remind travelers to be mindful of their impact on the local environment and culture. They are trained to prompt customers to follow ethical tourism practices, such as avoiding littering, respecting local customs, and considering the community’s way of life.

6. Support local businesses

Including visits to locally-owned shops, restaurants, and cafes in TripGuru tour itineraries is one of the many ways the tour platform promotes local ventures. Doing so helps inject money directly into the local economy and sustains local livelihoods.

7. Minimize environmental impact

Eco-friendly practices during tours at TripGuru are implemented, such as reducing plastic usage, promoting responsible waste disposal, and providing them with drinking water in glass bottles, to safeguard the region’s natural heritage.

TripGuru is a globally trusted tour platform that partners with local communities in IndonesiaTurkey, and Vietnam to ensure the conservation of their cultural heritage. Book your tours now here.


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