Hike enthusiasts issue a collective groan when Hong Kong’s weather takes a turn for the hot and humid. Summer in the 852 means saying goodbye to hiking in Hong Kong, especially the long and challenging hikes of the cooler season… unless you want to die of heatstroke.

While you may not be able to comfortably do Sunset Peak or Tai Mo Shan during the months from April to October, you can take this chance to do these hikes in Hong Kong and explore these alternative trails that will lead you to parts of the territory you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered…

After years of walking the best hikes in Hong Kong, we’ve been able to put together a handy list featuring waterfalls, forests, streams, and lots of tree cover to keep your nature-loving soul nourished in the great outdoors during the long, hot summer…

1. Sharp Island Beach Hike

Distance: 2.5km (1 hour)

Sharp Island Hong Kong

Home to some of Hong Kong’s clearest waters, Sharp Island also features short but beautiful trails through geological rock formations, sandbars, and up hills for sweeping sea views. You can take the ferry to either side of the island from Sai Kung Pier, and then cross to the other side. OR, you can skip the ferry and kayak the whole way there and back instead!

2. Kap Lung Ancient and Forest Trails

Distance: 2.5km + 4km = 6.5km

The Kap Lung Ancient Trail and Kap Lung Forest Trail combined is a 6.5km loop in the woods to the west of Tai Mo Shan. You won’t get bird’s eye views here, but a winding walk through pine trees, streams, waterfalls and old bridges. Make like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings and head to this peaceful, wooded corner of Hong Kong…

3. Waterfalls of Wu Kau Tang Country Trail

Distance: 3km

Wu Kau Tang
Brides Pool

Explore this area thoroughly enough and you’ll find all the hidden waterfalls and streams of Bride’s Pool nestled within the Plover Cove Country Park. This shaded walk “runs parallel with a hill stream” making for cooler temperatures. The generous tree cover shields you from direct rays for most of the hike, while the upland areas are visited by fresh breezes (or we were just extra-lucky that day…!).

4. Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail

Distance: 4km

Wu Kau Tang

This is another surprisingly beautiful trail that starts / ends in the Bride’s Pool area. The route follows a natural gravel and boulder path that won’t burn your feet through your shoes as the concrete surfaces do. You’ll also get  beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, even as far off as mainland China. Most of the way is shaded by foliage, plus crisscrossed by streams and rivers to cool down.

5. Hong Kong Trail Section 7 to To Tei Wan Beach

Distance: 7.5 km

To Tei Wan Beach

If you live on Hong Kong Island, this trail is a no brainer. Everyone always does the more popular Hong Kong Trail Stage 8, which contains Dragon’s Back and goes to Big Wave Bay. This is probably the easiest beach walk on Hong Kong island, if you want to do some “exercise”/sightseeing/walking first. It’s also coastal, so you’ll get great views of Tai Tam Bay. Feel free to bring beach stuff because you’ll end in a decent, pleasant-enough beach on this summer hike.

6. Tai Tan Coastal Trail: Secret Beaches

Distance: 6.7 km

Tai Tan
Mangrove section of the Tai Tan Country Trail

This path hugs the sea for most of it, and ends at the Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre and marine park. Downhill for most of the first part, Tai Tan Country Trail does contain some uphill sprints, mostly towards the end. It lies in a a lonely and remote part of Hong Kong, but you’ll be rewarded with beautiful vistas of sea and forest.

7. High Junk Peak Country Trail

Distance: 6.4 km

High Junk Peak

If you’re after panoramas, you’ll definitely get them at High Junk Peak. As the trail is close to the coast, there’ll be sea views aplenty. Towards the end we even saw ICC and the head of IFC on the horizon. I also saw Lion’s Rock from the distance jutting out, and Ma On Shan’s massif. There is no concrete path on any part of High Junk Peak Country Trail, which makes for a more natural feel.

8. Dutch Path, Central / Mid-levels

Distance: 1.8km

Dutch Path, Central, Mid-levels

This one is perfect for last minute, twilight wandering. If you’ve walked to The Peak and through Bowen Road a million times already, why not try this “sister walk” that nobody ever talks about?

9. Nam Chung Country Trail

5.5 km

Nam Cheung, Hok Tau Country Trails

Find the hidden river boulders of Nam Chung Country Trail near Hong Kong’s border with China. There’s a beautiful area where you can picnic towards the northeast end of the trail – bring a packed lunch or snack with you! Get ready for a workout though, as this is no walk in the park.

10. South Lantau Country Trail

Distance: 8.2km

South Lantau Country Trail

This leafy walk is perfect for a sunny, breezy day. The baby sister of the Sunset Peak Trail (Lantau Trail Section 2), this one only goes around the side of the mountain rather than climbing it. You can finish your day at Lower Cheung Sha beach where you can enjoy the sunset as you have your dinner.

Bonus: Night Walking: Aberdeen Fitness and Nature Trails 

Distance: 6km

Aberdeen Fitness and Nature Trails

Hong Kong hikes become much more bearable at night, after the sun goes down. The Aberdeen Fitness and Nature Trails are great for night hikes as they’re not too arduous, are mostly paved and signposted, and have amazing views (especially on the Aberdeen Nature Trail around Bennet’s Hill). The best part of this walk is circling the edge of the hill after the viewing point.

We hope that lifts your spirits a bit and makes you more excited about / despite the hot hot heat of Hong Kong summer! Have you done any of these summer hikes in Hong Kong before? Are you considering doing one, any, or several? If so, which one(s)? Do you have anything else to add here? Leave your comments below!



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