Bangkok: diverse, cultural and… overwhelming? We don’t blame you. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes are enough to make anyone dizzy with the variety to choose from. You could certainly do with a definitive list of things to do in Bangkok, even better when paired with a guide-slash-cultural-translator to break it all down for easy digesting.

Look no further dear reader, because we’ve got the best unique tours right here!

Bangkok city tour

City Tours: From Canal Adventures to Hidden Communities

Not your everyday walking tours

  • Bangkok City Tuk Tuk Tour: Visit the sites of Bangkok via the iconic tuk-tuk – the traditional mode of transport this side of the world. A tuk-tuk can be described as a tricycle with a roof, and is seen all over Bangkok. For three hours, your guide will take you around the city on the famous, breezy vehicle. Cover different sites stretch from temples to public markets, all while journeying as locals do on a daily basis.
  • Bangkok’s Hidden Communities Tour: Did you know that Bangkok ranks 68th largest among Thailand’s islands and provinces? In this 3-hour tour, you’ll get to mingle with the locals and see Bangkok in a new light. Uncover the city’s well-hidden secrets – unseen by the typical tourist – on this trip.
  • Canal Adventure Tour: Hop on a unique mode of transportation by riding a riverboat through Bangkok’s famous canal(s). See landmarks – both old and new – and get to meet the locals who travel like this everyday!
  • Bangkok City Night Tour: With its historic temples and romantic riverside dining spots, it’s easy to fall into the tourist trap of packing too many Bangkok activities in a day. Opt for this crafted and strategic itinerary to slow it down and beat the heat while you’re at it, starting at Bangkok’s most romantic hour: dusk.
  • Bangkok Temples Instagram Tour: While you could spend weeks working your way around the Thai capital, we have the perfect solution for those with limited time in the city. During this half-day tour, we’ll stop at decadent temple sites and learn the fascinating stories behind them. Oh, and get fabulous snaps while we’re at it!

Bangkok bike tour

Bike Tours: Easy Breezy on Two Wheels

Take it easy on your feet and turn the speed up a notch

  • Bangkok Bike and Food Tour: Cycle Bangkok’s backstreets and discover the city’s historic center all lit up as you visit its most famous sights after dark. You’ll also be able to taste delicious Thai street food as you walk through the local markets.
  • Bangkok Historical Bike Tour: There is nothing more exhilarating than going around Bangkok on a bicycle. See the city through new eyes, cycling through Bangkok’s small roads and laneways.
  • Ancient Siam Bike Tour: Spend an afternoon touring Ancient Siam, otherwise known as Mueang Boran or the Ancient City of Bangkok, and discover 116 replica temples.
  • Bangkok Nature Trails Bike Tour: Cycle through the city’s hidden passageways, and see a whole other side of Bangkok’s scenery. This tour combines the efficiency and convenience of bikes with the beauty of Bangkok.
  • Bangkok Evening Bike Tour: Capture the essence of Bangkok’s night scene and discover the city’s secrets after dark.
  • Bangkok Boat and Bike Tour: Fall in love with Bangkok by combining your exploration via boat and bikeways.

Bangkok floating market

Floating Markets: Pit Stops As Essential As They Are Chaotic

  • Amphawa Floating Market & Maeklong Railway Train Market Small Group Tour: Taste the fresh flavors of the Amphawa Floating Market, said to be Bangkok’s best. Instead of walking between numbered aisles, grab fresh produce from boats that float on Thailand’s waters! You’ll also experience the Maeklong railway market on this tour, where you’ll witness the energy of daredevil vendors who literally live on the edge of danger. Finally, end your day with a magical firefly boat tour!
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Bangkok Tour: During this morning trip to the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, we’ll explore the waterways of a traditional outpost built on stilts upon the water. Watch as vendors sell fresh fruit and tasty noodles from authentic longtail boats, and opt to sample these yourself!

Bangkok Kanchanaburi tour

Kanchanaburi Day Trips: Green Thailand

  • Kanchanaburi River Kwai & Death Railway Tour: Explore Kanchanaburi, a mountainous city along the River Kwai, approximately 130km from Bangkok, where you’ll get to visit the JEATH War Museum, and travel on “the Death Railway’’, named after the prisoners of war who died building it.
  • Erawan National Park and River Kwai Tour: If you love history and culture, but also want to see a part of Thailand’s natural beauty, what better way to spend a day than to visit Erawan National Park and the stunning waterfall within? As an additional bonus, you’ll visit the famous Bridge over the River Kwai, a tragic part of Thailand’s wartime history.

Bangkok dinner cruise

Dinner Cruises: Your Best Night In Bangkok

  • Bangkok Chao Phraya Wan Fah Dinner Cruise: Sail the river of kings aboard a traditional Thai-style boat, and enjoy unrivalled views of the city by water, while dining on delicious Thai fare.
  • Loy Nava Chao Phraya River Dinner Cruise: Tantalize your senses on an antique teakwood rice barge where you will embark on a unique Bangkok dinner cruise down the Chao Phraya River and discover traditional Thai culture.

Bangkok cooking class

Cooking Classes & Food Tours: Tasting Thailand

  • Thai Cooking Class at Pink Chili Cookery School: Beautiful Bangkok beaches, ancient temple sites, and friendly locals… The ‘land of smiles’ is known for many things – and one is the moreish national cuisine! Don’t miss the chance to cook it for yourself during a Thai cooking class.
  • Thai Cooking Class at Siamese Cookery House: Three professional chefs will lead the class, beginning with a trip to the local market. You’ll pick out the freshest locally-sourced ingredients, free from MSG or additives. Yum!
  • Foodie Group Adventure Tour: Foodies appreciate this amazing group tour, which will take them through some of the city’s most historical areas while tasting authentic Thai dishes along the way.

P.S. If you’re still looking for places to eat after your food tour or cooking class, see The Serious Foodie’s Guide to Eating in Bangkok!

Ready to go on your Bangkok adventure? Don’t forget to let us know which tour was your favorite in the comments below!



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