Ask adventurers for their recos on some of the must-do activities around Bali, Indonesia, and they’ll definitely say a hike to Mount Batur is a truly memorable experience. Even if you’re not an experienced hiker, a trek up the scenic mountain to witness the gorgeous sunrise is most definitely worth it! (Even for night owls!)

See this short video of some of the members of the TripGuru team and our friends as we embark on this adventure together. (Because experiences like these are always better with friends!)

It was a foggier sunrise than hoped for that morning, but we were still lucky enough to catch glimpses of the spectacular view from the top. Especially that of Mt Agung, Bali’s highest point.

After the sunrise, we walked around a natural sauna to warm our bones a little after freezing in the cold darkness. The volcanic hot spring caused shafts of hot vapor to climb the side of the mountain, and little holes in the ground were also letting off steam that were hot enough to burn your hand. Or boil an egg. Or light a cigarette, as the guides were trying to prove, but I didn’t believe that part.

Aside from the sunrise, I thought a particularly beautiful section of the hike was the grassland with purple flowers making for a magical scene. Although I’m used seeing monkeys on the Hong Kong trails, they’re always entertaining to encounter. We finished the whole thing at 8.30am, and I was back in Seminyak by 11am to meet up with my college friend, Michelle V…

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If you want to experience this for yourself, check out the Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring tour. And for more Bali activities, check out our list of top things to do while in this island paradise.


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