If you’re on the fence about trying out white-water rafting while in Bali, let us help you put your mind at ease. A few of us from the TripGuru team and a couple of our friends tried it out and had a fantastic time! Watch our short video below of our little excursion to Telaga Waja, and try to imagine yourself with us. Will you take the plunge?

That day we didn’t have high hopes for the tour because it was raining in the morning. That was all forgotten as soon as we got into the raft and started paddling down the thrilling rapids. It was even better because the rains brought more water flow. Before we knew it, our two hours were over!

— Joyce, 25, law student

Want to try it out for yourself? Join the white water rafting tour in Telaga Waja and experience it the way we did! And if you’re looking for more Bali-related activities, we’ve got the perfect list for you too!



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